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Sometimes you need to know how to say "market capitalization", and sometimes you need to say  "could you pass me the salt, please". At ABC Perfect our teaching is based on personalised programmes and individual support so that each student can reach his/her set objectives.

Our lessons take place in a friendly atmosphere, and the pace is both steady and dynamic. Students are active in their learning, and are constantly interracting in both written and oral French. Activities are designed to promote communication so that students can adapt themselves to different types of situations, and progress while actively participating.

We offer both Private and Group lessons, which are organised according to level.  

We teach all 6 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, which range from A1 - beginner to C2 - master/proficient.

We will evaluate your skills and level before you start, and advise you in choosing the right level/class.

Our teaching materials include recent workbooks, books, audio and video documents, articles, and material specifically developed for our lessons.

Lessons are given by a teacher qualified in French as a loreign language teaching (FLE) who also has an excellent knowledge of French culture and civilisation, and is fluent in English. Her lessons are professional, and her enthusiasm guarantees a lively classroom environment.